Monday, July 9, 2012

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Hey everyone, will be back posting again sometime near the end of next month (Aug). I go to the parks less in the summer and I keep myself busy with other things. Thanks again to everyone for visiting my little blog, for the nice e-mails and kind words (from around the world). My blog has gotten almost 40,000 views since I started it in Oct of last year, you guys are awesome. If you have questions hit me up below, or comment on any of my youtube videos, I try to answer them all. Take care and enjoy the rest of your summer!


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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th of July fireworks Magic Kingdom

This year's awesome Magic Kingdom July 4th fireworks show from the beach at the Polynesian resort.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Minion Mayhem at Universal Studios

The new Despicable Me attraction opened today at Universal just in time for the busy summer season. For a few weeks now the ride has been open for technical rehearsals and today it officially opened. The wait time for the ride hovered around 80 mins throughout the day. Most of the other rides in Universal weren't all that bad.
 Minion's have taken over Universal.

Harry Potter out of Universal's two-park map.

Some pics of the queue area:

Posters around the attraction:
Inside the first pre-show room you receive minion goggles. Yep, the ride is in 3-D

Second pre-show room:
Then on to the ride. Th ride is similar to the Simpsons. Very cool, wont give anything away go and check it out.
As you exit join a Minion dance party. 
Video below:

Meet and greet characters from the Despicable Me movie at Character Party Zones:


Despicable Me Parade Float and characters

Despicable Me store (ride exit)

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Universal Studios Update 7.2.12. 

SeaWorld Underwater viewing / Dine With Shamu update 7.2.12. 

4th Of July fireworks shows at Orlando themeparks

Universal Studios Update 7.2.12.

As posted a few weeks ago in the last Universal update walls have appeared around sound stage 44 next to (Mel's Drive-in Diner)  Last week half of the building was still standing and today now completely gone. Trucks can be seen hauling out the debris from the site. Some of the pathways near the site are roped off and team members line the street to help guide the trucks and construction vehicles out safely.  No word on what will go here and if the Back to the future Delorean will be displayed somewhere else around the park.
 Last week:


Last week crews can be seen constructing a water wall? in the lagoon where what used to be Amity.  Some pictures of the area.
Last week:


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Monday, July 2, 2012

Underwater viewing / Dine With Shamu Update 7.2.12.

Just a quick update on the UV and DWS area at SeaWorld. Today, work can be seen around the DWS area. It look's like it is getting some paint and some small face lifts as it has been closed for some time. The gutter attached to the roof has finally been fixed. There were also a few park executives getting a tour of the area (DWS/UV). Asked 3 team members including the one that stood in the DWS reservation and information desk. still no word or a date for opening. 

Also, according to one of the team members who works at Shamu Stadium Tilly has not been doing his part of any OneOcean/ Shamu Rocks shows for weeks now. Anyone see him in recent shows? See him most of the time swimming in the back right pool. 

A few days ago a new baby dolphin was born at the Dolphin nursery, short video below shot today showing it swimming with mom. Animal Specialist on the bridge keeping a close eye on both mom and baby. Mostly swimming under mom other than coming up for air.
 Video below:

Finally July's Passmember Advantages:


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