Sunday, January 29, 2012

SeaWorld Update 1.28.12.

Next week Saturday Feb. 4th is the last Just For Kids event at SeaWorld. There are plenty of fun activities and entertainment for them around the park. Concert is inside the Nautilus Theater which is included with the admission to the park.

Near the end of last year SeaWorld announced that they are replacing Pepsi for Coke as new partners starting on Jan 1st. No Coke products to be found anywhere in SeaWorld today, but found the logo on the park maps. (top new: bottom old). None of the team members I asked knew when they were going to make the switch.

The old Penguin Encounter now under construction to make way for the new Antarctica attraction opening next spring. Found the bulldozer exactly where it is on the map!

Some of the games and shops that were in Penguin Encounter area has been relocated somewhere around the park.

Nothing new visible since last update on the Turtle Trek attraction which is set to open this spring. Asked the gator and the turtle in front of the attraction if they knew when it would open... the gator just smiled while the turtle continued to sun bathe.

The Underwater viewing area for Shamu still closed. The pathway around blocked again with walls. A crane doing more work in the area. It looked like there was no water in the tank again.


Last week SeaWorld announced that the skytower attraction at the Waterfront will now be included with the parks admission. Before entering the attraction, park photographers take your picture (optional). You can view and purchase them if you'd like once you disembark the tower. It used to be $4 to ride per person and sometimes included in different types of pass.


Tili still missing in action at the OneOcean shows. The newest whale addition to the park (makaio) is getting all the attention recently. Makaio has been seen performing with the other whales in the shows. Baby Makaio gets a small fish each time he completes the trick that is signaled to him and his mother.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Disney picture update 1.27.12.

Magic Kingdom: The afternoon parade will be taking an unusual route for the next few weeks while pathways in Frotierland are getting re-done. (click to enlarge pics)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Universal Announcement 1.25.12.

In case you missed it... The Announcement from Universal today.

- New Blue Man Group Show in FEBRUARY

Blue Man Group

- SpiderMan ride enhancements (completely reanimated in 4K digital high def.)  ready in MARCH


- New Superstar Parade this SPRING at Universal new floats featuring Dora, Sponge Bob Despicable Me. Guest will have the opportunity to interact with the characters.

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- Despicable Me attraction opening in SUMMER 2012

-Universal’s Cinematic Spectacular – 100 Years of Movie Memories. New lagoon show at Universal Studios SPRING. Featuring 100 years of movie memories, it will be narrated by Morgan Freeman.

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-Hollywood Drive - in Golf at Citywalk Opening in FEBRUARY

Filming crew just outside Nascar at Citywalk the day before the announcements.

More info here:

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Rock The Night! fireworks show DHS

 On Thursday, the same day of the Presidents visit Disney added a special fireworks show  at Disney's Hollywood Studios. It was an awesome show with live music from Mulch, Sweat and Shears at the Sorcerers hat stage. Fantasmic is currently closed for refurb.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Obama at DisneyWorld

Security was tight at the Magic Kingdom as the President visited to make a speech on tourism. Only the Ferry Boat was open this morning to transport guest from the TTC to the MK. Main street and some pathways were closed till about 3. Guests walked through a backstage path which had parade floats and even a live DJ. The path took you from Tony's restaurant on Main St. to Buzz Lightyears at Tomorrowland.

Guest were able to watch the Presidents speech live at the Hall Of Presidents. The President spoke around 12:30 just outside the Main St. Bakery. Only invited guest were able to see him.  Guest invited walked through another set of security check and metal detectors.

Following the Presidents speech an army of workers raced to get Main St. ready for park guests.


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