Monday, June 11, 2012

SeaWorld update 6.11.12 / whales in Underwater viewing tank

Thanks to a tip from a blog reader... The whales have been spotted inside the UWV pool. Although the underwater viewing area still closed, the large machine is gone, benches are back and everything looks ready for opening! As you can see, a black mesh type material covers the glass of the UWV pool. Trainers brought in some of the whales into the pool about 30 mins before one of the OO shows. The blue wall still covers the entrance of the UWV and nothing new in the DWS area.

Video of whales in the DWS/UWV pool:

Some pics from a packed OneOcean show.

The gate trainers use to enter the stadium is missing the black curtain.

Took a visit to the Blue Horizons show to see what has replaced Jozu's part of the show; as requested. The large black bird still flies down from left back, the 2 black tumbling acrobats still do their part, but afterwards it just skips to the finale of BH show which makes the show a little shorter than usual.

Finally, a large construction crane which can be seen from around the park has joined the construction site for the new Antarctica attraction opening next spring.

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