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Hey everyone! it's that time of year again. Taking a break for the summer, will be back around September. Wanted to thank everyone for visiting my little blog! Since starting it Oct of 2011 Its reached 100,000 views! If you have questions, comments, e-mail me below. Have a good summer !

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Transformers Officially Opens at Universal Studios

Some pics of the Grand Opening of the new Transformers The Ride 3D at Universal. Special Guest included, Steven Spielberg, General Morshower, different branches of the Armed Forces, Universal executives, and of course, Optimus Prime and Bumblebee. Also there, Frank Welker ( voice of Megatron) and Peter Cullen ( voice of Optimus Prime) <both not pictured below>

Optimus and Bumblebee walking the red carpet.
Optimus and Bumblebee red carpet entrance intro:

Guest were able to enter the park around 8:15am. The only rides open: Shrek, Rip Ride Rockit and Despicable Me near the front of the park. Guest wanting to see the opening festivities were held just before the Terminator attraction till 9am. Around 9, Universal team members walked the crowd to the different viewing areas, none of them near the front of the attraction which was reserved for the news media. Red carpet was rolled out for the special guest near the attraction.

New Maps with Optimus and NEST building updated inside. A note on the inside fold about opening activities and that the actual Transformers Ride would not open till early afternoon.

Other vehicles:

The show itself was action packed, with explosions,  fighter jets flying overhead and fireworks to officially open the ride. Short video of the fighter jets and explosions above NEST.

A queue for the ride was started near the Mummy attraction even prior to the opening ceremonies. The ride did open as soon as the front entrance of the attraction was cleared around 1 pm

Walk-through of the Transformers Queue:
Watch the Full opening show :

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Universal Preps for tomorrows Transformers Grand Opening

Universal busy getting the area ready for the grand opening for Transformers. If you are going there Thursday, get there early! 

Time Lapse Video of NEST being built start to finish.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Simpsons Springfield Expansion

A couple of weeks ago a section of the new Springfield area near the Simpsons opened to guests. The new eating area, which used to be International Food and Film festival serves different things from The famous Krusty Burger or a Duff Beer.

Moe's serves Duff beer, (also a dry and lite) buzz cola, along with other drinks. If you just want drinks, you walk right up to the bar and order. 

The rest of the area is a selection of different types of foods: Pizza, fish shrimp, calamari, sandwiches burgers, doughnuts, soups, salads, hot dogs and more..

Other parts of the expansion will open later this summer. Price range for food $7-$14. Drinks $3-$8

Monday, June 3, 2013

Summer Trolley Show at the Magic Kingdom

Starting June 2nd. Walk along Main St at the Magic Kingdom for the summer version of the trolley show. As part of the Limited Time Magic at Disney Parks this year.


Transformers Technical rehearsals

On Thursday evening Universal started technical rehearsals for the new transformers attraction. The attraction will officially open on June 20th, but, Transformers fans eager to be one of the first to ride the attraction waited patiently for hours on Friday after hearing about the preview on Thursday night. On Friday, a huge crowd gathered near the front entrance of the attraction hoping it will open for previews.

At one point, the crowd got so large, NEST personnel were asking guest to keep off the main pathway to keep it clear. 

Around 6:15 guest were let in to the queue, but were told " by getting in-line there will be no guarantee that the ride will open" 

Most ignored the warning and waited.  At6:45 the ride opened. Big applause from the crowd, some waited around the attraction for hours that day.

Some pics from the inside queue area and the ride vehicle, which is similar to the Spider-Man. The ride is about 4 mins. All bags/ backpacks can be placed on the floor. 

The ride empties into the Supply Vault gift shop which has been open for a couple of weeks now. They are also building,  a Transformers meet and greet area across from the Supply Vault. Megatron, Optimus Prime, and Bumblebee are still meeting guest next to the Shrek meet and greet today.

Annual Passholders will be able to get in the park an hour early staring June 9 to preview the Transforners ride for a one-hour period. (ends June 16).  Also this summer, passholders can get in to IOA with Universal Orlando resort guests an hour prior to park opening. WWOHP will be open for early access. 


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