Saturday, March 31, 2012

Disney pic update 3.31.12.

After months of work, the small bridge just before Cinderellas castle on Main street has now been revealed, just in time for the Easter.

Here is what's new behind the walls at the new Fantasyland

At Epcot the Habit Heroes attraction still closed. A large curtain has been placed that covers most of the large artwork in-front of the attraction. The lighting on the Habit heroes sign have been closed and directional signs around Innovention have coming soon next to the name of the attraction. None of the cast members knew a date for re-opening.

Finally, A few weeks ago Disney announced that they will be removing the poacher / little red scene at the end of the Kilimanjaro Safari attraction at Animal Kingdom.  As of now, both the poacher scene and the poster at the queue of the attraction of "big red" and " little red" still there.

Last look of the poacher / little red scene at the end of Kilimanjaro Safari:

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Dumbo and Barnstormer at the New Fantasyland

Friday, March 30, 2012

Universal Orlando Update 3.30.12.

Universal's Islands of Adventure very crowded today as one of the busiest times for the parks approach. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter area of the park was packed with large spring break crowds... The wait time for the popular Forbidden Journey attraction had reached 2 hours just in a couple hours of the park being open. Barricades are in place near the 2 ways you can enter the WWoHP area to prevent more guest from entering if it reaches capacity.

At Universal Studios, a little less crowded. Update pics of the Despicable me attraction opening in the summer. A new sign on the construction wall has been placed and roofing is starting to go on.

Universal getting ready for their all new lagoon show coming soon. Smaller fountain nozzles are in and new lights in place in the lagoon. Noticed the color of the water has changed too. Crews were also busy painting the railings and fences near the lagoon

Universal shooting a commercial with Sponge Bob and a hand full of kids near the lagoon. Looks like they taping a commercial for the new parade for this spring.


A lot of guest feel lost when they walk through what used to be Amity with grey walls on either side. No worries. Universal has  these entertainers who look like tourist with bright Hawaiian shirts to help guide you to the right direction.


Finally, The Jaws photo op has now been removed from where it stood in Amity to across the Disaster attraction near the lagoon. Perfect spot for it, with all the boats in the background.

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Jack Hanna / SeaWorld pic update 3.24.12.

SeaWorld was packed today as animal expert Jack Hanna came for a visit as he does every year and shared some interesting animals. The two shows held in the afternoon at the Nautilus theater were both full. Some of the animals include capybara, tortoise, kangaroo, different birds, lemurs, a cheetah and more. He will be there again 3.25. Sunday for 2 more shows. Get there early as it get's filled quickly. Passholders were able to enter the show early in a different queue entrance closest to the Shamu Stadium. Jack also signed autographs before each show.

The Old Penguin Encounter : here is what is left of the old structure.

Scheduled to open in about a month, The Turtle Trek attraction looking good. Painting continues, new palms planted. New signs on the construction wall post the opening date of the new attraction and also a QR code.

Pressed penny machine near the gator and turtle exhibit with the TurtleTrek logo already in place.

Finally, a look at the Shamu Underwater Viewing / Dine With Shamu area. Tank looks like it is filled up with water and the rising floor is all the way up. More work continues, pathway behind the stadium re-opened; crane is gone.


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Friday, March 23, 2012

Disney pic update / Inside of new Bus 3.23.12.

Hey everyone! took a short vacation from going to the parks the past week. Got a few e-mails wondering where I went. Thanks to all of you for visiting my little blog! you guys are awesome. Sorry for not posting. There was really nothing much to report on...

Easter just around the corner.  Here is the look at Main St today.
Meet the Easter Bunny near the front of the park.

The Magic Kingdom was not that bad today compared to other days. The Ice cream parlor has re opened after being closed for around a month. It looks like they did not add anything new to the menu but the inside looks nice. New paint and wall art inside. Ice cream still by Edy's . 85 degrees out today, had to get one. (click to enlarge)

Walking over to the new Fantasyland construction and Reedy Creek firefighters were there and had to bring a construction worker down with the ladder from the rock work above... Hope he or she is alright!

Couple of pics :

Epcot: A film crew was present filming some of the flower beds, gardens and topiaries around the park. Also, There was some type of art / craft / plant / showcase / sale near the front end of World Showcase at Epcot.

Finally, The new buses Disney has been testing was taking passengers to and from the Magic Kingdom today. It was not labeled as a Disney Trasport yet. There were two bus drivers on the bus. The inside looks very nice. Comfy seats and the overall ride was like the other Disney bus. Seats near the back even had a small table. Gotta sit in the back half!



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