Saturday, October 22, 2011

Strange. Funny. Gross.

With so many trips to the parks I sometimes see a lot of things that are strange... Here are some of the things I have captured.

Before one of the Believe Shows at SeaWorld one of the whales comes up to the slide out and was making a high pitched sound. When called in by one of the trainers it refuses.

Mom said not to play with your food.

Killer whale throws up

Do you eat your own poop? This Gorilla at Disney's Animal Kingdom does!

Who knew Hippos can be so graceful.

A tow truck towing a tow truck....

While waiting for my friend at the Magic Kingdom a bird decides to perch on Walt's head, even an attempt from one of the Photopass photographers didn't get him off.

Car rams into a Disney bus at the Magic Kingdom parking exit ( just outside the Hess gas station) No one was hurt. Our bus driver stopped to check.

Hippo at Animal Kingdom: Usually,  when riding the Safari trucks you will just see them sun bathe but a different story at the viewing area at the Exploration Trail. Playing or Fighting?

Cast members at the Magic Kingdom dancing to one of the afternoon parades.

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