Friday, November 4, 2011

Christmas decorations are up at the MK and DHS

Amazing how it went from Halloween to Christmas.

Christmas Tree in place in front of DHS
Hollywood Blvd. DHS

Stars at every post lamp on Sunset Blvd DHS

Osborne Lights are all up and set. Cast member preview night is tonight 11.2.11

The Dapper Dan's singing Christmas songs on Main St.

Most of the Christmas Lights turned on tonight at Main St. A couple of the garlands might not have been plugged in.

Castle DreamLights came on tonight 11.4.11 The show, still the same as previous years but still awesome when lit. The show tonight started at 715 followed by Magic, Memories at 745 and Wishes at 8. The Christmas season has begun. Posting videos in the morning.

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