Friday, January 13, 2012

Disney picture update 1.13.12

Magic Kingdom:Walls have appeared on the bridge just before the castle, my guess would be they are making it wider so that traffic can flow much better in this area during the parades. Ice cream parlor still closed.

 Since closing last Monday the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad refurb has begun. Crews can be seen doing some structural work and also replacing old wood near the track. BTMRR will re-open in May

The old Dumbo ride has been walled off and also the Great Wall of Magic Kingdom has been moved further towards the path in front of the Winnie The Pooh ride all the way to the old Dumbo.

 Disney's Animal Kingdom: One of the pathways leading up to the tree of life or exit is blocked off. Looks like they are removing the rock arch.

At Disney's Hollywood Studios, most of the Osborne Christmas lights have been taken down.

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