Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Universal Cinematic Spectacular Opening night / USO Updates

Today, Universal Studios officially adds 2 new shows. Universal Cinematic Spectacular and the Superstar Parade premiered on a rainy Tuesday night. Park was not so crowded as most of the rides are all walk-ons.  Several areas around the park were blocked for the special events early evening.

The parade never made it out for the 7:50pm start time printed on the map. The rain was on and off during the time. Some of the guests were frustrated that no announcement came if the parade was a go or no go. The parade begins at Beetle Juice and ends by the Horror Make-up show. The Universal Cinematic Spectacular show began at 9 on the dot. The lagoon show was great, nice to see a night show again at this park..The show is approximately 17 mins long with dancing fountains, lights, fireworks and other special effects around the lagoon.

 Video sample from the pre-show of UCS:

Finale of UCS show.
Full Show:

Other updates around the park...
Construction walls for the Despicable Me attraction were taken down a few days ago.  Several park executives were able to tour the inside of the attraction tonight, it is scheduled to open this summer.

The shop  at the other end of the Despicable me was open today giving a sneak preview of merch for the new attraction. A large curtain at the back of the store covers the exit of the ride.
 here is a look inside..

Finally, the pathway which used to be Amity has now shifted to the left, it is also a little wider.

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