Tuesday, December 4, 2012

New Test Track Preview and other Disney Updates 12.3.12

Previews has begun for Test Track at Epcot..

A look at the new entrance. Stand By on the right, Single Riders and FastPass to the left.

 Warning Signs:

The queue area has been re designed. did not go through the stand by queue so mainly pictures from the fastpass / single rider queue.

At some point after queuing you will reach a design station touch screen where you tweak and design your sim car. Was not able to do this on the first, out of 2 tries yesterday because the touch screens were down. Basically, when you get to a touch screen you have a few mins to tweak your sim car and adjust the style and look.... It is saved onto a card which you swipe on the glowing orb near the screen. Before loading onto the vehicle you swipe your card again to load your data on to the sim car.

Onto the ride, as previously mentioned the track layout has not changed, but, the visual and audio of the ride is completely different. On-ride photos are still available for the attraction.

 Ride the new Test Track:

Old Test Track:

After the ride, you can check on-ride photos, see how your sim car design scored, create a video of your sim car ( and send vid to e-mail ), games, and view the Chevy showroom.

Test Track Merch: top left is a kids shirt

Designers badges you can purchase at the photo booths near the exit.

At the Magic Kingdom, construction walls for the rest of the un-finished New Fantasyland has been changed. New photos of the 7 dwarfs are along the walls and also 2 areas where you can take a peek at the construction progress of the mine train attraction opening 2014

Construction progress:

You can now also see Rapunzel's tower behind the construction walls beyond the Small World and Peter pan attraction at the magic kingdom. No, it is not the same tower they have during the Flower and Garden Festival in previous years.

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