Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Disney pic Updates 1.28.13

A quick look around what's happening at Disney.

Last week,  Disney started removing lights on Cinderellas castle. the lights were put up in mid September

A quick peek at the construction progress of the Seven Dwarfs mine train in the New Fantasyland, more track being put on.

As mentioned, a few weeks ago the Main St Bakery has closed to be transformed into a Starbucks opening later this year. TommrowLand Terrace is open to serve a small selection of breakfast items (sample below). Sleepy Hollow at Liberty Square may look closed but it is open!

A quick look at a dry, Splash Mountain (will re-open later this year):

Jumping over to Epcot, Habit Heroes has re-opened last week after being closed last year because of this. Vid of Habit Heroes exhibit 2012:

The exhibit reopened with the same theme (helps kids defeat unhealthy habits) with different characters and also reversed the order in which you entered and exited the attraction. Most of the activities are pretty much the same from last year's  If you have enough energy after walking around the world make sure you check it out. It is directly behind Electric Umbrella in Innoventions. There is an optional scavenger hunt offered after the exhibit and everyone gets a free Habit Heroes band.

Valentines Day is around the corner. Magic Kingdom will be center stage of the next Limited time Magic "true love week" check out the links tab above.
Disney changing up the designs of their paper plates. Goodbye to Let the memories begin plates.

Finally, AK can be added to the list of new map design.


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