Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Magic Kingdom updates and new monorail wrap 4.8.13.

A quick look at the construction progress of the 7 Dwarf mine train at the Magic Kingdom. One side, across the Little Mermaid attraction is looking good! but, still a long way to go.

Parts of the track pieces for the ride is sitting out at Disney's old private runway just passed the MK toll booths.

A few weeks ago, monorail black came out with a new wrap promoting the new Iron Man Movie coming out next month.

Also a few weeks ago, Splash Mt re-opened after being closed for refurbishment earlier this year.
New Dumbo souvenir popcorn buckets sold at the MK. They are $12.
This Thursday, ABC America's Funniest Videos AFV will be taping a show at the Magic Kingdom. A Mickey shaped stage has been set up in Town Square. The taping will be done after the park closes. The show will air in May.
Finally, Disney Imagineers release a video on the new interactive game opening soon at Adventureland in the MK

Changes to the blog:
Most of the post will be shorter. Will stick all updates for each park  in one post rather than putting them all together in one long post. Check back often!

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