Monday, September 2, 2013

What happened at SeaWorld this summer

This summer the new Antarctica Empire of the Penguin attraction avg. about an 80 min wait time for most of the summer. New nets have been added to parts of the exhibit to prevent penguins from jumping out of their designated areas. SW also added the back stage tour of the penguin exhibit after opening. Check SW websit for details 

SW now offers maps in Spanish

A new Bistro has opened up opposite of the exit to Sharks Encounter. It opens around 11 am  for lunch. It sells Panini sandwiches, chips, sodas and salads.

A new cell phone charging station appeared near the Dolphin theater brought to you by Southwest Airlines. The several times I visited SW the chargers never worked. It now is mostly a shaded seating area.
SW also installed new biometric finger scan in the front turnstiles, didn't really read any faster than the old ones, but, does read most of the time on the first try. 

Finally, seaworld Summer Nights ended a few weeks ago. Most of the nightime show did not change from last year.

See videos of the new Antarctica Empire of the Penguin on the "recently added videos" tab above. 

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