Friday, February 14, 2014

SeaWorld preps for 50th Anniversary Celebration

An 18-month long celebration will kick-off at all 3 SeaWorld parks March 31st as they celebrate their 50th anniversary.

New entertainment for the whole family including animal encounters, new night time Shamu show, an all new festive fireworks show (during the summer) and other surprises throughout the park. 

The SeaGarden located just passed the Nautilus theater has been sealed off with construction walls " to create a sea of surprises". More details on the event coming out soon!

Need to charge your phone? SW has added another charging station in the park.  A couple of months ago, one was added near the dolphin stadium, but it never worked. It has since been fixed and now another charging station can be found near the Nautilus theater. 

Going to SW soon check out their app!  Links to SW and info on Bands Brew And BBQ up on the links tab. 

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