Sunday, September 18, 2011

SeaWorld Orlando

 One Ocean the new killer whale show which replaced "Believe" Part 1

Part 2


The finale of the Blue Horizon's show. Whale and Dolphin show at SeaWorld Orlando.

SeaLion's Tonight show Part 1. A show that parodies the all the other shows at Seaworld. A must see!

Part 2

When SeaWorld has longer hours check out the Shamu Rocks show. 

SeaWorld Reflections fireworks and fountain show. The best place to view the fireworks is either at the Bayside Stadium or around the Waterfront area

A tour of what you can see and do around SeaWorld Orlando in 5 mins. Horses are no longer there. The new area is now called SeaGarden. The place to eat is still there but no more free beer.

Look out for baby Makaio who was born less than a year ago, but already doing jumps with it's mom during the OneOcean show.

Make sure you arrive early for Clyde and Seamore show so that you will be able to see this guy.

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