Saturday, September 17, 2011

Busch Gardens Tampa

The new Cheetah Hunt coaster opened at Busch Gardens Memorial Day weekend. Here is the Cheetah exhibit they have adjacent from the new ride Cheetah Hunt.

Several times a day they have sessions at the Cheetah run exhibit. Very fascinating to see a cheetah actually run. They have a contraption string machine that wraps around the exhibit with feathers attached. On queue the cheetah race to catch the feather therefore demonstrating how fast these animals truly are.

Kasi and Mtani the cheetah cub and the labrador puppy at the Cheetah Run exhibit.

The opening day madness of the new Cheetah hunt attraction. The actual ride did not operate that day until about 3pm so many stood sat in the hot sun and waited for it to open. At the end the ride was great.

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