Sunday, December 11, 2011

Holidays at Busch Gardens 2011

Some pictures and a video of the Holidays at Busch Gardens.

There are 3 Christmas shows that run through Jan 1 at Busch Gardens. The Christmas on Ice is the one not to miss. Here is the finale of the 30 min show.

One of the stores at the front of Busch Gardens has been renamed Santa's Christmas Workshop.

Get your photo inside a snow globe. Also one of these at SeaWorld by the Waterfront. At Busch Gardens it is located just outside the Crown Colony.

Meet Santa near the front of the park. Nice pants Santa!

Cheetah themed Christmas tree

Photo op by the Nairobi train station.
Crown Colony

Near the Bird Gardens, you can visit Holiday Lane where you can get family photos, write a letter to Santa and decorate a tree.

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  1. Love this blog. Busch-gardens are very beautiful garden. Photos are really very cool. One can must enjoy here.



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