Monday, February 13, 2012

SeaWorld pic Update 2.12.12

At the moment you can pick either coke or pepsi  as drink selection at SeaWorld as they slowly make the switch. Several drink kiosks and shops now serve coke while the other still have Pepsi. Souvenir mug refills are still .99 cents. Coke vending machines now replaced old pepsi ones just outside the park.

Penguin attraction demolition continues more bulldozers came to help.

Scheduled to open this spring, work continues for the Turtle Trek attraction. the old manatee gift shop now have turtle designs on the side of the store.

Underwater viewing / dine with Shamu nothing new visible since last update, no water, and men were down under the pool testing something.

On a cold day like today the popular seats are up... way up. Tili still a no show.

This fish didn't make it through the cold blast over the weekend and washed up on the shores in the lagoon at SW.

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