Friday, February 17, 2012

Disney pic Update 2.16.12

At Epcot, they are getting ready for the Flower and Garden Festival which start in a couple of weeks. Beds are being mulched and flowers being planted.  The event will run from March 7th - May 20th.

At Animal Kingdom the rock arch is now completely removed. Doing the other side now. Maybe they are expecting basketball players next week?

Busy day The Magic Kingdom.

New Fantasyland pics of the area that is scheduled to open soon.

And finally, got around to playing the new Sorcerers game. Not my type of activity but is worth a shot since it is new. It is similar to the Kim Possible game at Epcot. You are invited to help defeat different villains around the Magic Kingdom through these portals. You are given instructions at the training center, a map of where the portals are, a key card and several spell cards.The key is needed to open the portal and from there cast your spell when you are told to do so. The screen will let you know where to go next and the map can guide you there.

The cast member I talked to said that it should be open for the rest of this week. The game has been testing for a couple of weeks now but will officially open next week. You do need to present a admission ticket to play.

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