Sunday, November 4, 2012


A coupe of weeks ago my little blog turned one! It also reached and passed 50,000 views!  I started my blog sometime in September of 2011, only 7 to 10 views per week which grew to hundreds of views a day.

Shoot me an e-mail to get a chance to win either A) (3) packs of Sorcerers of The Magic Kingdom cards (15 cards sealed), B) One More Disney Day pin, or C) an Epcot 30 pin. 

In the email send your first name and where your from.
Use subject line for the email: contest1

Contest ends this Friday Nov9th at midnight. Winner will be contacted by e-mail. Same contest next week. May only enter once per week. Contest starts on Mondays and end Fridays.

There will be a contest tab above.
Contest e-mail:

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