Wednesday, November 7, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Now that Halloween is over, most of the parks are rapidly getting Christmas decorations ready.

At SeaWorld, more decorations are going up all over the park, the SeaGarden, Waterfront and the front of the park all looking good. Like every year, Wild Arctic is closed to be transformed to the Polar Express Experience. Bayside Stadium stage is being prepared for the ice skating show. Last month during the less busier weekdays; Clyde, Seamore, Winston Walrus and the whales at Shamu Stadium have been rehearsing their Christmas shows for  next weekend.

At Universal spotted a few garlands going up around the buildings near Twister and Mummy.

 At Disney:  decorations went up Monday night to get ready for this Friday's first Christmas party.

The first day of the Castle Dream lights show at the Magic Kingdom was performed last night, the show started but when the lights were suppose to twinkle and turn on in layers the bottom half never did. The show ended with crowds not as amazed with the top half of the lights on, and the bottom half off. All the lights were fully turned on though a few mins after the show ended.
Video of last year's lighting show which was the same minus the technical difficulties they had last night.

 Links for the different Christmas events around the parks are in the links tab above.

Hundreds have already entered, contest 1 ends this Friday! (check tab above)

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