Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Who's ready for Summer Nights at SeaWorld?

Summer Nights at SeaWorld is just a few days away. Popular night time shows like Shamu Rocks, Sealions tonite and Reflections fireworks are back. This year, Sea Lions tonite will have an all new spoof of this years new TurtleTrek attraction. End summer nights with Reflections, also with a new score from the new Turtle Trek. 

Here are videos from some of the night time shows from last year:

Shamu Rocks:

SeaLions Tonite with spoof of OneOcean, Blue Horizons, Pets Ahoy, and Alure :

Reflections with music from shows around the park including OneOcean:

SeaWorld getting the fountains, fireworks and lights all set for this weekend.

 Nothing new at the under water viewing. No word on opening. Hope it will be open for Summer nights.  
 Summer Nights shows are included with your paid admission to SeaWorld. Check out SeaWorld's website for more info.


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