Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer Nights 2012 at SeaWorld Orlando

Summer Nights at SeaWorld now through Aug 12th. A cloudy first day for Summer nights at SeaWorld. Entertainment around the park including some characters that we only see in the morning. Night-time shows: Shamu Rocks, Sealions Tonite, and Reflections fireworks.

Shivers the polar bear inside Wild Arctic

Elmo and Friends out for photo op.

Full show SeaLions tonite:

Finale of Sealions tonite. Clyde, Seamore and Winston Walrus shake and dance to LMFAO's popular hit song.

Shamu Rocks Summer Nights 2012. The almost full Shamu Rocks show. At one point before the show the waiting crowd did the wave for a couple of mins.  Gotta love peoples reactions as they see themselves on the big screen during the pre-show.
 Video Shamu Rocks show:

Before the fireworks show a DJ had the crowd dancing. Also a performance by Dragon Legends Acrobats. The back Bayside stadium pathway was opened at 6pm. Nothing really happening in that area.

The fireworks show was the same from last year. Just a few different colors and the way some of the fireworks were launced are new. Did not hear music from the new turtle trek until the end of the show.
Other than that a great night. Glad we went yesterday as it looks like it will rain for the next couple of days.

 -Other Updates from around the park:
Click here for SeaWorld Update Pics for 6.23.12.

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