Sunday, June 24, 2012

SeaWorld Update 6.23.12.

The Underwater viewing area still has not changed since last visit. Whales are able to swim in the pool after the show. The tables and chairs which was all stacked in one side earlier in the week have now been spread out around the DWS area.

Did not see Tilikum out for the 2 One Ocean show and the Shamu Rocks show we watched for the debut of Summer Nights. The whales did a lot more splashing though.

Makaio came up to the slide out during one of the One Ocean shows. Not sure if it was his first time, the trainers got really excited when he did which happened when the 2 whales are about to kiss (side by side). Kiss did not happen because he was in the center of the 2 whales. Took him a little longer to get himself down. Did not get to get a picture... We were in the sides but im sure its on youtube somewhere.

New souvenir popcorn buckets available for sale at Shamu Stadium. They are $10 and believe is a 99 cents refill.

Have food allergies? SeaWorld has got you covered. Allergy friendly eateries around the park are now labeled on the park map.

Construction update for the new Antarctica attraction: New steel beams are now being placed next to the old penguin encounter structure. A few days ago a crane joined the construction site.

About a week ago several sealions were born, Here is one of them snuggling up with its mom? or dad.
What are you doing up there mommy? (Dolphin Nursery)

There are 2 large turtles in this picture can you spot them?
Other Videos:
Polar bear On the move. Not seen the polar bear move around till yesterday. Short video of it relocating to another spot just a few feet away to rest some more.

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  1. Thank you SO MUCH for the update! Someone said they didn't think DWS would be open until August, but with the chairs and tables up, well, I say today or this week sometime! VERY excited! As for Makaio, YES!!!! I've been waiting FOREVER for him to come up on the slideout! The trainers most likely got so excited because they have been training him recently to come up onto the slideout, but I don't think he had gotten himself all the way up yet (I hope they rewarded him well! xD) Thanks so much for the update, it's very much appreciated! Now to see what my SeaWorld eyes that were there today have to say about everything :D



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