Monday, May 27, 2013

Antarctica : Empire of the Penguin now open!

On Friday, SeaWorld opened its newest attraction. Antarctica : Empire of The Penguins. Guest were let in prior to the parks 9 am opening to attend grand opening show located just across the Journey to Atlantis attraction, it is one of the two ways you can get to the new attraction. SeaWorld Orlando president greeted guest and introduced Lauren Alaina who performed the attractions theme song.

The first couple hundred guests received a sticker and an Antarctica bracelet.

The new Antarctica area includes a new eatery, ( Expedition Cafe ) and a gift shop ( Glacial Collections ). Expedition Cafe serves breakfast in the morning. During lunch and dinner, food selections include American, Italian and Asian foods. For all my Disney fans it is similar set-up to the Sunshine Seasons in The Land pavilion at Epcot.

Outside the attraction is where you can find the South Pole photo-op and the penguin wall which has the different kinds of penguins.

As said on a previous post, the ride exits into the penguin exhibit. All must queue to get into the attraction even if you do not want to ride. Once you get past the pre-show, and before selecting mild or wild expedition is where you can break off from the line and see the penguins. (See a team member) Mild expedition is a smoother ride which twirls and glides while wild spins a little more and rocks back and forth depending on the scene. Guest under 48 must ride mild. See video of the mild ride below. Each ride vehicle seats 8, 4 front and 4 back. 

Part of the inside queue and pre-show room:

Queue outside 

Penguin exhibit 30 degrees F. A 2 - 4ft glass in between you and penguin. The ride ends and docks by the penguins. The ride itself does not go through the penguin exhibit.

Underwater viewing:

More Coke freestyle machines in the new area, also new souvenir cups available. 

The ride is currently not included with quick queue. The restaurant also does not participate in the all-day dining deal. In the future, SW hopes to add a backstage tour for the new penguin exhibit.

Video on ride mild expedition Antarctica Empire of the Penguin:


Opening ceremony SWO President and Lauren Alaina (

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