Thursday, May 16, 2013

Who's ready to go to Antarctica?!

Next week, Seaworld's Antarctica : Empire of the Penguin will officially open. The old Penguin encounter was closed January 2012, the penguins were moved to a temporary backstage home which was included in the backstage tours while their new home was being re-done. The new attraction will re-open May 24th it will transport guests to the bottom of the world, the South Pole - to explore the icy world.  The last few days team members and other special invited guest have been previewing the attraction and been hearing some really good things about Antarctica. There will be 4 kinds of penguin inside the attraction.

According to a team member the new Antarctica attraction will:

Have a 4 ft glass that separates you from the penguin.  

The ride has 2 versions one will be 
milder than the other and can be different each visit

The whole area will make u feel like u are in Antarctica 

You may choose not to ride and just view the penguins, But, everyone must queue to get in the attraction. (once in, you may stay as long as you want temp inside the exhibit is 30 degrees)
More info on the link below:

Video of the old Penguin Encounter:

Just last year, SeaWorld opened Turtle Trek. A new 3D 360 degree journey with sea turtles

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