Thursday, May 2, 2013

Transformers Opening Date set

Today, Universal Orlando released an opening date for the new 3D ride at Universal Studios. The new ride will be similar to the SpiderMan attraction next door at IOA. It's been almost a year since they started on this project, located in the middle of the park; crews worked day and night to complete the ride for a summer opening.The attraction will officially open June 20th!

For a weeks now, Transformer characters (Bumblebee , Optimus Prime and Megatron) meet with guest near the supply vault daily. Ads for the new ride have been popping up around Orlando a few weeks back, and yesterday this display on the side of the building in downtown Orlando facing I-4 urging humans to prepare for battle.

-Warning signs in-front of the attraction:
This ride takes place on a high speed vehicle that will suddenly and dramatically accelerate, stop, spin climb and drop.
The movement in the vehicle includes strong tilting and jarring actions.
-Height requirements is 40"

Transformers sighting in Downtown Orlando:

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