Friday, March 23, 2012

Disney pic update / Inside of new Bus 3.23.12.

Hey everyone! took a short vacation from going to the parks the past week. Got a few e-mails wondering where I went. Thanks to all of you for visiting my little blog! you guys are awesome. Sorry for not posting. There was really nothing much to report on...

Easter just around the corner.  Here is the look at Main St today.
Meet the Easter Bunny near the front of the park.

The Magic Kingdom was not that bad today compared to other days. The Ice cream parlor has re opened after being closed for around a month. It looks like they did not add anything new to the menu but the inside looks nice. New paint and wall art inside. Ice cream still by Edy's . 85 degrees out today, had to get one. (click to enlarge)

Walking over to the new Fantasyland construction and Reedy Creek firefighters were there and had to bring a construction worker down with the ladder from the rock work above... Hope he or she is alright!

Couple of pics :

Epcot: A film crew was present filming some of the flower beds, gardens and topiaries around the park. Also, There was some type of art / craft / plant / showcase / sale near the front end of World Showcase at Epcot.

Finally, The new buses Disney has been testing was taking passengers to and from the Magic Kingdom today. It was not labeled as a Disney Trasport yet. There were two bus drivers on the bus. The inside looks very nice. Comfy seats and the overall ride was like the other Disney bus. Seats near the back even had a small table. Gotta sit in the back half!


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