Monday, March 5, 2012

SeaWorld pic Update 3.5.12.

Update pics of the TurtleTrek Attraction at SeaWorld. Crews can be seen painting and working on the roof of the exit path of the attraction.  It is scheduled to open April 27th.

Meanwhile, demolition continues for the old Penguin Encounter. Almost finished with the structure which housed the penguins. From the skytower the area being cleared is huge.

Underwater viewing / Dine with Shamu work still continues... No water. Don't see Tili anywhere in the back pools.

Hopefully it will be finished soon. Miss this little area at SW. Always something I visit every time I go.  

All of the stores, restaurants and drink kiosk now sell Coke products. Price didn't change.
2012 above
2011 above

Now that the BBQ event is over, SeaWorld is getting ready for the next event ( Viva La Musica) which start next month.

 SeaWorld Passholder anyone? Here are this months Pass Advantage Offers (click to enlarge) You can pick up a copy inside the candy store at the front of the park, across from the bakery.

Finally, the fish that live in the lake in the middle of SeaWorld had a meeting today to discuss plans for the weekend. 
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