Saturday, March 24, 2012

Jack Hanna / SeaWorld pic update 3.24.12.

SeaWorld was packed today as animal expert Jack Hanna came for a visit as he does every year and shared some interesting animals. The two shows held in the afternoon at the Nautilus theater were both full. Some of the animals include capybara, tortoise, kangaroo, different birds, lemurs, a cheetah and more. He will be there again 3.25. Sunday for 2 more shows. Get there early as it get's filled quickly. Passholders were able to enter the show early in a different queue entrance closest to the Shamu Stadium. Jack also signed autographs before each show.

The Old Penguin Encounter : here is what is left of the old structure.

Scheduled to open in about a month, The Turtle Trek attraction looking good. Painting continues, new palms planted. New signs on the construction wall post the opening date of the new attraction and also a QR code.

Pressed penny machine near the gator and turtle exhibit with the TurtleTrek logo already in place.

Finally, a look at the Shamu Underwater Viewing / Dine With Shamu area. Tank looks like it is filled up with water and the rising floor is all the way up. More work continues, pathway behind the stadium re-opened; crane is gone.


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