Monday, April 9, 2012

SeaWorld Pic Update Turtle Trek / Viva La Musica 6.8.12.

Just a few more weeks till the opening of the new Turtle Trek attraction at SeaWorld Orlando! The educator at the current Turtle Point exhibit (area below the Manta lift) told me that the turtles will soon move to the new Turtle Trek tank which has been redesigned  it will also join other turtles which are housed back stage. In a separate tank nearby will be the manatees.  TurtleTrek will open April 27.

 To ease congestion for the busy Easter holiday, the pathway that runs through Bayside Stadium is open and even has an area where you can grab a bite to eat. Booths for Viva La Musica all set.The event begins this weekend (Sat and Sun) 

Antarctica - Empire of the Penguin opens next spring. Looks like they are saving whats left of this structure?

Underwater Viewing / Dine with Shamu area:

Frog and snake exhibit area inside the Shark Encounter has been replaced with a new interactive area on Shark Facts, also a new photo-op.

Finally, for all the SW Passholders. Here are this months pass advantages. It includes early access for the new Turtle Trek attraction on dates listed, BOGO on shark food, discount for SeaWorlds all new E-Photo pass and cabana discount at Aquatica. You can pick up a copy of the newsletter across from the bakery  near the front of the park.
 Turtle Trek:
Viva La Musica:
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