Saturday, April 14, 2012

Who's back in OneOcean? Tili

After missing for a couple of months, guess who's back? Tili... Tilikum made an appearance for his part of the One Ocean show just in time as it is getting warm here in FL. One of the team members said that he made a quick appearance on Thursday's show and 2 of the shows that we were at today 1230, and 2 pm. Did not stay for the Shamu Rocks show. You can tell Tili is about to come out when usually 2 trainers run from the back pool to the front.

Also noticed they have a new system with the side gates that trainers enter and exit from during the shows. They now have to scan something in their wrist on small boxes near the gate to gain access to the side gates... when the gate was left open for a certain amount of time a high pitched beep would come on until the gate is closed. Some of the trainers forget that they need to swipe their wrist on the box before the gate opens, so it must be a new thing they need to do.

As of last weeks update the tank Underwater viewing / dine with shamu is now filled with water again and the rising floor up. Team Members do not know the date for re-opening.

Last week:


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  1. Ah so there WAS water in the pool! I had managed to sneak my camera in past a gap in the fencing surrounding the main walkway to the UV area, but since the floor was up, it was too dark to tell whether or not there was any water in the pool. I'm glad I got that cleared up! I was also lucky enough to see Tilly during the 11:30 show that morning, although he was not in the 4:00 pm show. Glad he's back though! (I went April 15, 2012) Thanks for the updates!



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