Friday, April 27, 2012

Turtle Trek at SeaWorld Orlando Now Open!

Turtle Trek at SeaWorld is officially open. At 9am today guest were able to experience the all new 3D 360 degree journey for the first time. The old Manatee rescue area has been transformed into the new Turtle Trek attraction. 
 If you remember the old Mantatee rescue area... the exit is now the entrance to the new attraction just behind the gift shop.

They have separated the two underwater viewing area so we see the manatees( first room ) then the turtles (second room). You will spend around 8 mins in each room and move to the next as a group. Once everyone enters the turtle room an educator talks about the journey of a turtle and answers any questions... all while you enjoy viewing the turtles swim around with various colorful fish.
Video:  *Note a small clip at the end of this video is from the 3D film shown in this attraction.


 On to the all new circular dome theater to experience the 360 degree 3D film. Have to go and check this out it is so Amazing and Awesome!

Exit of the theater leads to the viewing of the turtles and manatees from above and also some fun interactive games for kids.
New TurtleTrek pins can be purchased at the gift shop. Also an exclusive passholder pin also for sale. 

TurtleTrek shirts:

Paper bags that replaced the plastic bags at SeaWorld. 100% recycled.
Park maps now have a dark blue background and also the new Turtle Trek and the SeaWorld Rescue facility now also on the new map.

Finally, a look a the new Turtle Trek souvenir refillable cups.

Check back soon for videos or visit my Youtube channel

Manatee viewing:

Turtle viewing

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