Tuesday, April 24, 2012

SeaWorld Update Turtle Trek walls down / UW viewing update 4.24.12.

A couple of pics of the New Turtle Trek attraction at SeaWorld Orlando. The walls have now been taken down. Team members were able to preview the area Monday and Tuesday. The President of SW (green shirt) was there filming something at the front of the attraction today.. Turtle Trek officially opens this Friday!

As mentioned in previous post, the turtles near manta (turtle point) have now been moved to the new  Turtle Trek area. Pelicans stayed... We will call it Pelican Point.

Finally, A couple of pics of UV / DWS area. Tank is filled with water, floor up, divers down.

Been asked where you can meet the Shamu character.... At the front of the park and usually only in the mornings.
When SW only has 3 OneOcean shows the pathways to Shamu Stadium become I-4... bumper to bumper traffic. First show of the day.

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