Friday, October 26, 2012

Zebra habitat Kilimanjaro safari Animal Kingdom

A few months ago, Disney announced that the poacher scene at the end of the Kilimanjaro safari attraction at Animal Kingdom will be replaced with a zebra habitat. Over the summer the area was cleared and new grassy areas were put in. The past several days the zebras were only in their new habitat in the mornings then transferred them backstage. I counted about a dozen zebras all together.

Remember the old poacher scene? where the poachers truck comes and speeds away with gun fire? the new zebra habitat sits around that area.

Wardens were there for most of the day to make sure the zebras were adjusting to the new environment. Video below only shows the left side of the zebra area, on the right hand side of the safari vehicle there is a small watering hole.


Ride the Disney bus lately? You might have seen this new purple sticker:
 Cameras are now on board some of the Disney buses. Not sure if they will be on all of them. One mounted inside facing front, one just above the front door (facing driver), and one on each side of the bus (outside)
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