Sunday, October 7, 2012

SeaWorld Spooktacular 2012

  • On select weekends in October (6,7,13,14,19-21&26-28) dive in and explore an underwater fantasea and trick-or-treat at SeaWorld Spooktacular.

  • A packed SeaWorld on opening day Spooktacular 2012. Parking lot filled up quick and guest who came later in the day had to park at SW's overflow parking across the street. The event is on select days in October and included with paid admission to SeaWorld.

  • The pathway where all the action is at for the event opens at noon ( check park schedule ) Trick or Treat stations are scattered around Bayside pathway and around Shamu Stadium.

  • Candy : Tootsie rolls, Snapple flavored jelly beans, candy corn, m&ms, chocolate rocks. junior mints, twizlers, mini gummy bears, raisins, air heads, smarties, starbursts and more.

  • At Bayside Stadium, check out Penelope's Party Zone. Create your own spooktacular treats/sand art, dance around with spooktacular characters, and enjoy story-time with Penelope.

  • Caricatures and Face Paintings 
  • Fun Games & Entertainment

  • Sea Snacks:

  • Fudge Apples available for purchase

  • Get your picture taken with Spooktacular characters.

  • If you've been to Aquatica, Discovery Cove or even SeaWorld you might recognize these guys...

  • Seasame Street Countdown to Halloween show inside the Seaport theater. For this show, get there early.... it's the same place they have the Pet's Ahoy show. First show was reserved for passholders.

  • Seven Seas Railway re-opes for the event at Shamu's Happy Harbor area.
  • Some of this year's merch

Video from last year's event which is similar to this year.

End the night with Shamu Rocks. This year, the preshow will consist of photos that SW takes from Penelope's Photacular. ( arrive 30 mins before show ) (Video from Shamu Rocks Summer Nights)

  • A look at other things around the park going on.
-Just a little more than a month to go, some of the Sea of Trees are already placed in the SW lagoon for SeaWorlds Christmas Celebration.

-Construction Update for the new Antarctica Attraction at SW opening in the spring.

-Finally some pics from OneOcean.  After my last SW post it looks like SW has finally labeled the Shamu Underwater viewing area on the park maps

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More info on the event in the links section above or visit SeaWorld's FB page.

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