Saturday, September 22, 2012

HHN22 Opening Night 9.21.12

A rainy opening night for this year's HHN22 which features new haunted houses minus one from last year with Amity now gone. This year "scare zones" have been replaced with "street experiences". Certain scareators would parade / march down the streets of Universal  to switch zones with other scareators which was awesome. Got to see 3 of the houses which passholders had early access for the first 3 Fridays... Looking forward to the other four, for next time. This year, HRRR, Mummy, MIB, Simpsons, and Despicable Me are open for the event. Aside from the Bill and Ted's show there is also a 20 Penny Circus show in the Beetlejuice stage. Also new this year, a short fountain show in the lagoon which uses the Universal Cinematic Spectacular lights and fountains. ( small clip in video below )

Once you're in.... there is no way out!

  •  Video of the Street experiences and a clip from the fountain show in the lagoon. :

  • Some event merch. shirts, hoodies, caps, shot glasses pins and keychains.

Video from last year's HHN 21 scarezones:

Video of Death Drums show from HHN21:

Details for the event in the Links tab above.

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