Saturday, September 15, 2012

Enchanted tales with Belle preview / Art of Animation Little Mermaid 9.14.12.

  • For several days now, Disney is randomly giving park guest a preview of an area in the New Fantasyland that will officially open in December. Won't go into details and spoil it for anyone... I'm sure there are videos on Youtube you can find. Here are some pics from Enchanted Tales with Belle inside Maurie's workshop. 


  • Got a bookmark for participating and a photo-pass picture card.
  • The area is just behind the new castle walls which was revealed a couple of days ago. The walls are already even added to the  park maps. Visiting soon? look for a cast members near the green construction wall. They let guest in as the queues inside gets shorter. Again, not guaranteed they will do this daily. We were let in around 3pm on this day and stopped letting guest in around 5pm. Ideal for younger aged kids.

Some pics of other things they are working on from Maurise's workshop queue... also ride tracks for the Snow White's mine train are going up.

Castle Dream lights are starting to go up also on Cinderellas castle. 
 Finally, the last wing to open at Disney's newest resort (Art of Animation). Little Mermaid.


Have a great weekend!
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