Monday, September 10, 2012

New Chilean Flamingos at SeaWorld and pic update 9.10.12

  • A new flock of flamingos were added to an area next to the paddle boats across from the Nautilus theater. The Chilean flamingos look similar to the flamingos that are in the front of the park. 
  • A quick look at the construction progress of the new Antarctica attraction for the spring.

..From above..
  • Gotta love September... cooling a little and low crowds at most of the parks.

  • For some reason SW still has not labeled the Shamu underwater viewing area  on the park maps, even though it has been open for weeks now.
  • Visiting SW soon? make sure you check-out SW's smart phone app.
  • Nice to see the Groove Chefs entertain even though there aren't really that much guests in the park.
Angry bird...
  • Finally, for passmemebers, Septembers offers.
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