Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Universal prep for HHN and other updates 9.12.12

  • A quick look at both big construction sites at Universal. First, the area where Jaws used to be. The steel beams have doubled in size since our last visit and the wall looks complete. A new tower crane joined the site (left)

  • The other construction site which was sound stage 44 next to Mel's Drive-In is finally shaping up as steel beams now going up.

  •  Video
  •  More prep for Halloween Horror Nights around the park, also the signs are up at the front of the park.

  • Other things around the park:
-The old sunglasses shop which used to sit just outside the Jaws attraction has now been re-located on Hollywood Blvd across the the exit of The Terminator.
-Work on the front of the Simpsons attraction
 -Carnival games which has been moved around the park since Amity closed are now in-front of the Music Plaza stage... where it usually is during HHN.

-Finally, the single riders queue for the Despicable Me attraction which was there last week is gone.
HHN begins next Friday! info for the event are above in the links tab.
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